List of Works* and Location Map

Road Map

* Two artists were unable to complete and install their work because of a major delay in the fund-raising process necessitated by the legistlature's decision to hold public hearings regarding acceptance of all the sculptures. Those two artists were Jerry Rothman and Steven Jay Urry. Jerry's sculpture, Seed of Nebraska was to be located at the Kimball east-bound rest area. Steve's work, Platte River Ribbon would have been located at the Cozad east-bound rest area. Seed of Nebraska was to have been the largest of the sculptures, 35' high X 50' wide X 100' long, and would have been made of concrete T-beams, steel, and ceramic. Platte River Ribbon, which would have been located adjacent to the Platte River, would have been 25' high X 10' wide X 22' long and made of aluminum.