Image Resources

Anyone wishing to use images from the permanent collection of the Sheldon Museum of Art and Sculpture Garden must request and receive prior written permission. To request permission, write to Image Resources, c/o Genevieve Ellerbee, Sheldon Museum of Art, 12th & R Streets, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, NE 68588-0300; or fax 402-472-4258. Requests and questions concerning the process can also be directed to

All requests must be submitted in writing and should include the following information: artist and title of the work, image use (size, color or black-and-white, type of photography being requested), and specifics about the publication in which the work will appear (title, publisher, expected date of publication, size of print run, and requested language rights). Determination of scholarly or commercial uses will be made by the Sheldon at the time the request is received. Permission for such use is granted at the sole discretion of Sheldon Museum of Art. After receiving the request, the Sheldon will provide the potential borrower with an Image Use Agreement contract. Click here to download terms of agreement and fee schedule.

The Sheldon Museum of Art makes no representation that it is the owner of any copyright in the works of art in its collection. It is the user's responsibility to obtain necessary permissions and pay required fees for the use of copyrighted material. Users are held fully responsible for any infringement of copyright.


Filming and photography of the Sheldon building, art objects in the building, and outdoor sculptures require planning and oversight due to copyright restrictions and risks of damage.

In conjunction with current museum standards, a signed Request for Filming and Photography Form is required for “staged photography” (photography or filming involving a tripod, flash, commercial use, or distribution). Requestor is also required to comply with the Guidelines for Filming and Photography in the Sheldon Galleries, Great Hall, and Sculpture Garden.

Photography for personal use, including filming with hand-held, cordless devices (incidental photography of artworks) is allowed in the Great Hall and Sculpture Garden without a request form. Any photography in permanent collection galleries requires a request form. Photography in galleries of borrowed exhibitions and photography of works on loan is prohibited. This also applies to cell phone cameras.

Only general installation shots containing more than one work of art are allowed. Photography of individual artworks is prohibited, even for media and publicity purposes. Individuals requesting images for scholarly or commercial use may contact Image Resources to obtain image reproductions; members of the media may contact the Public Relations and Marketing Manager for images.

Filming and photography will only be scheduled for weekdays during nonpublic hours (Mondays, 8:30am–5pm; Tuesdays-Fridays, 8:30am–9:45am).

Questions can be addressed to the Image Resources Coordinator, Genevieve Ellerbee, at 402-472-2461.