Mission Statement

About Sheldon: Mission Statement

The Sheldon Museum of Art preserves, presents, and builds its collections, giving special emphasis to American art through cultural and transnational study. The Sheldon invites inquiry and imagination in its educational offerings, contributes to the intellectual life of the University of Nebraska, and serves the needs of a diverse general public.

Vision Statement

To enhance its strengths, the Sheldon Museum of Art will:

  • Build a university museum art collection of international distinction.
  • Become a national leader in museum education and civic engagement.
  • Interrelate the arts and humanities, including music, literature, film, dance, philosophy, architecture, science, and history.
  • Serve as a hub of thriving social activity surrounding the arts and humanities.
  • Advance creative and critical thinking through the arts.
  • Enhance the quality of life throughout the university, community, and region.
In order to continue growing these strengths, the Sheldon will pursue a building expansion project to complement the elegant Philip Johnson architectural masterpiece in which the museum is housed.


Director's Messages

In 2009, Director Jorge Daniel Veneciano wrote a series of messages, which outine developments in new growth at the Museum. These messages are available by clicking on the titles:

Museums and Ethical Leadership
Sheldon's New Mission Statement
The Art of Civic Engagement