Director's Welcome

About Sheldon: Director's Welcome

Welcome to the Sheldon Museum of Art’s Web site. I hope you find it informative in introducing you to our diverse collections, exhibitions and events, as well as to the museum’s building, an architectural masterpiece in white travertine marble, designed by Philip Johnson. I invite you to explore this site and visit the museum to learn more about our cultural heritage and to delight in the splendors of Sheldon—its collections, its sculpture garden, and its landmark building.

The Sheldon provides a vital portal between the City of Lincoln and the University of Nebraska, serving many communities in the process. A wealth of University activities, from the performing and visual arts to the human and social sciences, may be experienced through our multidisciplinary arts programs.

Our mandate is to serve the aesthetic and intellectual life of our communities. Our mission is to explore and provoke new thinking about American art, using transnational and other innovative approaches to the study and presentation of art. We regard art as fundamentally provocative, moving us to think and feel. It elicits new ideas, sharpens critical thinking, and stimulates sensitivity to difference and diversity. At Sheldon we regard art as a social experience.

We invite you to enter our Great Hall and enjoy the grandeur and sociability of Sheldon, its holdings and events — from casual First Fridays, to gala openings, to Jazz in June — admission is always free. We strive to make Sheldon a stimulating and welcoming experience, always worthy of your time and enthusiasm. I am pleased and proud to invite you inside.

Jorge Daniel Veneciano, Ph.D.
Director, Sheldon Museum of Art

Director's Messages

In 2009, Director Jorge Daniel Veneciano wrote a series of messages, which outline developments in new growth at the Museum. These messages are available by clicking on the titles:

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